Sean Lewis is an award winning playwright, a This American Life alumni and screenwriter/producer for film. 

He is the writer of the record breaking KING SPAWN and THE SCORCHED (McFarlane Productions/Image Comics). Both books setting sales records for books in the past 30 years. He wrote SUPERMAN OF METROPOLIS for DC FUTURE STATE, as well as contributing to TALES OF METROPOLIS, HARLEY QUINN RED WHITE AND BLACK and BATMAN BRAVE AND THE BOLD (DC Comics). He also contributed to MEGADETH: DEATH BY DESIGN edited by Dave Mustaine for Heavy Metal Comics.
His critically acclaimed independent work includes ABOVE SNAKES, THE FEW and THUMBS w/ Hayden Sherman; BLISS and COYOTES w/ Caitlin Yarsky; and SAINTS w/ Ben Mackey (Image Comics). SURVIVAL (Dark Horse). CLANKILLERS and BETROTHED (Aftershock Comics). And the upcoming BEAR PIRATE VIKING QUEEN (Image Comics).
COYOTES is currently in development with Selena Gomez and Jordan Peele. THUMBS is in development with wiip (MARE OF EASTTOWN) and more projects Sean can’t talk about.

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