CGC Sketches

$80.00 + Artist Fees

The cost for this service is $80.00, plus whatever fee the artist you request is charging.

This Fee includes:

  • a blank of your choice from our current stock
  • CGC grading
  • USA Shipping

Turn around time on this option is 4-12 weeks from the end date of the convention.

To request this service, just fill out the form below! We have a current list of most convention artist rates, and we should be able to quote you their last known fee. If you accept the quote, payment must be received via paypal no later than 7 days before the start of the convention.

If for some reason the artist’s fees have increased in between the time your order is submitted and the date of the show, we will contact you from the show floor and you will have the option to either pay the difference or receive a full refund. If the fees are less than the original quote, you will be refunded the difference.