Meghan Fitzmartin grew up in the town that Disney built as the emo kid in the ‘happiest place on earth’. The oldest of five children in a very strict, conservatively religious family, she found herself in superhero stories. She immersed herself in comics and Bible stories, and eventually went to college to get a degree in church ministries. She served in a variety of youth ministries and was a camp counselor for at-risk youth and neurodiverse children, working with the autism spectrum, ADD, OCD, and bipolar disorder. Her goal was to be a youth pastor, to tell people they are loved. And the longer she was in school, she realized the best way to tell people they are loved was through the way she knew she was loved – through stories.

She moved to LA in 2011, and after rising the ranks to become a staff writer on SUPERNATURAL, she went on to create the popular narrative podcast RED RHINO, a superhero story about a teenager who gets superpowers that are really silly. She also wrote freelance animated episodes on LEGO MONKIE KID and SUPERNATURAL ACADEMY. She has also written animated movies for Warner Brothers, writing RWBY + JSA Part 1 and Part 2. In audio drama podcasts, she’s worked in the BRIGHT SESSIONS universe, winning an Audioverse award for her writing on THE AM ARCHIVES. She also wrote on the second season of the critically acclaimed PASSENGER LIST, receiving the BBC Podcasting Award in 2022.

In comics, she came onto the scene with a three-part story in BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS, where Tim Drake came out as bisexual. Since then, she has written DARK CRISIS: YOUNG JUSTICE and TIM DRAKE: ROBIN, with more exciting things to come in 2024.


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