I’m Andrea Broccardo, I’m an Italian comic book artist, I live and work in Italy.
I’m working with Marvel, DC and Image Comics!

With Image, I’m working on my first creator owned series, “ Deep Beyond”, with Mirka Andolfo, David Goy and Barbara Nosenzo. For DC, I worked on Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace and on an issue of Superman Son of Kal El. My last work for Marvel Comics was on X-men Curse of the Man-Thing and before this one, I worked on X-men: Empyre, Absolute Carnage: Captain Marvel and R.E. Howard’s Dark Agnes.

I’ve been working with Marvel since 2015 and my previous works was on Star Wars main titles, like Star Wars Doctor Aphra #31, #33, #34, #35, #36, Star Wars Legends #108, Star Wars Age of Rebellion Special: Yoda and Star Wars #56, #61, #62.

Before those series, I worked on Star Wars Kanan, the last Padawan #12, The Amazing Spiderman 1.4-1.6, Civil War II: X-men #1-4, Doctor Strange #10 Death of X variant cover, Doctor Strange-Punisher: Magic Bullets #1-8, Star Wars The Screaming Citadel, chapter 3 and 5 on Star Wars Doctor Aphra #7-8, The Prox Transmission original graphic novel tp and Monsters Unleashed #6-8 and Star Wars Poe Dameron Annual #2, Rivers of London: Detective Stories #1 variant cover (Titan comics), The Story of the Football World Cup (Petit o Petit Editions), Ride (movie comic book prequel) RCS.

Before these awesome series I worked in the Italian comic book industry, on Brendon (Sergio Bonelli Editore), Nathan Never (Sergio Bonelli Editore) and on the creator owned series, The Cronicles of Ravenholme, This is Halloween and a ton of short stories for magazines and fanzines!

I live in Italy with my girlfriend, a cat, a dog and some red fishes.

Thanks a lot for reading until this point. See you in the comics!!!


Raw Signature is $5/book
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Raw Signature is $10/book
CGC Signature is $15/book