New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con is your event. Where you can feel unafraid to geek out. Where you’re accepted and embraced for being yourself. Where you can experience the best in pop culture because no matter what fandom you’re passionate about, we have it waiting here for you. Be inspired by award-winning comic artists and Japanese anime creators. Get star struck over your favorite TV and film idols. Treat yourself to exclusive fandom gear and unique artwork. But most importantly, create all of those memories with the people you care about the most. Because this event is for you. To embrace your inner hero or root for the villain. To geek out as a family. To celebrate a weekend together you’ll never forget.

Frank Miller
Table J-21

Marc Silvestri
Table I-43

Scott Snyder
Table H-47

Greg Capullo
Table H-48

Brian Azzarello
Table J-21

Tom King
Table I-30

Ryan Ottley
Table J-36

Donny Cates
Table J-37

Ryan Stegman
Table J-38

Mark Brooks
Table I-01

Joshua Williamson
Table I-33

Steve McNiven
Table J-27

David Finch
Table J-33

Table H-46

Mirka Andolfo
Table H-45

Frank Cho
Table H-42

Charles Soule
Table J-30

Ryan Browne
Table J-31

Claudia Gray
Table J-29

Zeb Wells
Table I-42

Kami Garcia
Table H-30

Gerry Duggan
Table I-44

Clay Mann
Table I-31

Evan “Doc” Shaner
Table I-29

Dan Slott
Table I-40

Stephanie Phillips
Table J-22

Tony Daniel

Frank Tieri
Table J-35

Yanick Paquette
Table I-37

Kyle Higgins
Table H-39

Nick Spencer
Table I-45

Steve Orlando
Table H-32

Ryan Parrott
Table H-40

Sam Maggs
Table I-39

Sweeney Boo
Table I-38

Jim Zub
Table J-28

Jorge Fornes
Table I-32

Agnes Garbowska
Table A-10

Megan Hutchinson
Table J-34

Stephanie Williams
Table H-34

Isaac Goodhart
Table H-31

Table H-33

David Pepose
Table H-43

Creees Lee
Table I-36

Mark Russell
Table H-41

Marco Santucci
Table H-38

Maria Sanapo
Table H-38

Meghan Fitzmartin
Table I-35

Marc Laming
Table J-32

Marco Failla
Table H-37

Chris Campana
Table J-25

Ariel Diaz
Table J-24

Collin Kelly
Table J-26

Jackson Lanzing
Table J-26

Jeremy Adams
Table I-34

Table J-23

Andrea Broccardo
Table H-36